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The B&W team has been putting our creativity, talents and minds to good use over the last ten years and assembled a dynamite group of individuals along the way. How? We've got some of the most dedicated leaders around. To be a leader is to have vision, and ours have their sights set high. Meet the head honchos that have made B&W what it is today and continue to pursue success for the future.

Keith White Lisa Blacker
Keith White | President/CEO/Owner

Take a look at Keith White's office and it's pretty easy to figure out what he enjoys. Corvettes and Tennis. Oh, and advertising, of course.

A big picture guy, Keith is always thinking of new ideas, devising new service offerings and brainstorming ways to develop business both for B&W and for our clients. Resourceful and strategic, he possesses over 19 years of experience in Recruitment Advertising and Human Resources Communications. The Atlanta native received his BBA in Marketing & Advertising from Mercer University in 1988. He can be found cruising around in his black corvette when he's not working on new business acquisitions or acting as our resident IT expert.

If you ask Keith, he has "a lot of soul but no rhythm." So maybe he's not the next contestant on Dancing with the Stars, but if you ask us, he's got the rhythm of good business down.

Lisa Blacker | Vice President/COO/Owner

Lisa Blacker's mantra: "Quitting is not an option."

For this adventurous spirit, quitting is not only not an option but it's also not even in her vocabulary. Whether she's pitching new business, planning for future growth, or making sure we're all doing our jobs at B&W (she cracks the whip), Lisa's dedication to everything she works on is unwavering, unfaltering and, okay, downright intense.

Born in Texas, she has traveled the world as an Army Brat. A graduate and die-hard fan of Clemson University (she bleeds orange) with a BA in English & Communications, Lisa has 16 years of experience in Product Advertising & Marketing and Recruitment Advertising & Human Resources Communication. She's also seen Jimmy Buffett in concert nearly 20 times. We can't decide of which fact we're more proud.

Lisa's ability to network and her driving passion have contributed to her successes both in and out of the business world. A 5:00 am fitness boot camp fanatic, Lisa understands what it takes to achieve goals, something she probably learned when she played on the boys' soccer team in high school.

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